Kriya: A sequence of postures, sounds or breathing techniques practiced with the intention of self-cleansing.  


Typically a personal practice, a kriya is like a toothbrush for the internal organs. Performing a kriya simultaneously initiates physical, mental and spiritual changes.


There are six major practices, from simple breathing to ‘nasal flossing’ to a sequence of physical postures. There is a kriya for every organ and every orifice imaginable. These practices come from Ancient times however, are more relevant today than ever before.


Being well is not only about looking well, but feeling and doing well from the inside-out.


Try: Tratak Kriya, or continued eye-gazing.


Take an object and place it two feet away at eye-level. Stare at the object for as long as you can without blinking. More simply, stretch out your arm, turn up your thumb (as if trying to hitchhike) and do the same as is described above, staring at the tip of your thumb.

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