Yantra: A sacred symbol, made up of geometric shapes, which represents aspects of the universe.  


A Yantra is the yogic equivalent to the Buddhist Mandala, and serves as an instrument for meditation. Separate shapes denote particular meanings and through the combination of the shapes, profound concepts are expressed. For example, a black dot represents unity, whereas the triangle that it is placed within represents shakti, the feminine energy. These symbols are said to appeal to inner states of human consciousness.


Try: The mother of all Yantras is Sri Yantra and is the most celebrated throughout India. It signifies Mount Meru, the cosmic, five-peaked, mountain symbolised in Eastern philosophy.


Find a comfortable seated position. With your eyes open and the focus on your breath (in and out through the nose) gaze at the Yantra placed either on the floor or the wall in front of you. Continue for 10-15 minutes.

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