Meditation is a core practice of yoga that is available to everyone. You don’t have to be an experienced yoga practitioner to reap the benefits of this profound and time-tested practice.


Our classes combine meditation and mindfulness to create a deeply nurturing experience and an opportunity for you to pause and reflect within your day. An experienced teacher will guide you through the class and may incorporate a combination of breathing, yoga and guided visualisation techniques, which can also be integrated into everyday life.

Benefits of Meditation:

Builds a deep and long-lasting connection to your true self
Alleviates the symptoms of and builds resilience to the effects of stress and anxiety
Improves sleep quality and alleviates insomnia
Supports with improving the quality of our relationships
Boosts and improves brain function, improving concentration, memory and ability to process information and think clearly
Aids with boosting immunity and improves metabolism

Recommended weekly sessions:

Tuesday & Thursday 7.30pm Yin
Wednesday 9.30am Yoga Nidra
Thursday 6.30 Qi Gong

Sunday 9am Cyclic Meditation

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