Treatment Types

 Prana Lounge creates a space for the best independent therapists to offer a wide range of alternative therapies combined with longstanding experience and expert skills.

Insomnia, Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Headache, Migraine, Sinusitis (3 days/5 days/ 7 days) –

Initial consultation and subsequent consultations

– Internal medicine (Optional) 

– External therapies include Head, neck and shoulder oil applications Shirodhara, 

– Herbal inhalations, Detox through Nasya Therapy 

– Yoga 


Headache, Migraine, Nasal block, Tightness of face, Sinusitis (3 days, 5 days, 7 days) – Initial consultation and subsequent consultations

– Internal medicine (Optional) 

– Gentle head massage 

– Face Massage and fomentation 

– Nasya detox and rest 

– Diet and life style advice

– Yoga.


Back, Neck and shoulder stiffness (3 days) – Initial consultation and subsequent consultations

– Internal medicine (Optional) 

– Back, shoulder and neck massage

– Face massage

– Fomentation with herbal bundles


Obesity (one week to three weeks – depending on weight and cause of weight 

Digestive Problems

Stroke Recovery

Post Cancer Surgery Detox


Skin disorders

Diabetic Meletus 

Light Detox Programme – 3 days 2 hours Ayurveda treatment each day, oral medicine

(optional) and Lunch or evening tea. Programmme includes

– Initial Ayurveda Consultation and subsequent consultations

– Simple herbal decoction (kashaya) 

– Herbal oil application/ massage as required Herbal bath or steam bath 

– Lunch or evening tea.


Deep Detox Programme – 7 days 2 hours treatment each day, oral medicine, and lunch or

evening tea.

– Initial consultation and treatment plan

– First five days – oral medicine (Kashaya, herbal decoction, Herbal pills and powders, Arishta – sweet elixrs)- Purvakarma – preparing for the main purification – oil application (massages) massage with herbal bundles etc. to collect the toxins in one place, herbal baths and steam baths- Pancha Karma (Purgation to expel the

toxins) ) – Lunch or evening meal – Diet according to Physicians guidance- advice on healthy life style 


Rejuvenation After the Deep detox – further treatment for 3 days, 5 days or 7 days with Ayurveda therapies and rejuvenation medicine 


Vitality for Fertility – 3 weeks to 8 weeks

– Initial Consultation and treatment plan

– Oral medicine – Kashaya, herbal pills and powders, Arishta

– Detox programme- Oil Vasti treatment 

-External Ayurveda therapies – spread out during theperiod. 

– oil applications (massage) powder massage, Herbal and steam baths, Shirodhara,

Nasya treatment etc.

– Diet and life style advice 


Stress Relief /back, neck and shoulder ache (3 days, 5 days and 7 days (consecutive days or staggered) 

– Initial consultation and treatment plan

– Oral medicine 

– Kashaya etc. (optional) 

-Back, neck and shoulder massage- Fomentation- Steam baths and herbal baths- Yoga – breathing exercise / Yoga


Face/Body Glow – enhance the beauty that comes from within- 5 days

– Initial Consultations and treatment plan- Further consultations

– Kashaya and Arishta herbal pills and powders


– Mild Detoxification External treatment includes Face packs, body wraps, oil applications (massage), herbal baths /steam baths powder massage etc.

– Lunch or evening tea- Diet advice


It is best to come 2 hours after meals. Come with an open mind and enjoy the treatment. 

It is possible to book a stay at Prana hOMe at Prana Lounge while taking treatments with Ayuwanna.

Yes, there are special treatments for pregnant mothers. 

Ayuwanna is run by local physician’s and therapists. For female clients, female therapists and for male clients male therapists. 

All physicians are experienced and qualified from university. 

We are an authentic Ayurveda medical centre and all treatments are based on physician’s recommendation based on individual body composition. 

Ayurveda treatment invariably includes oil applications – which is what has been adapted and is commonly referred to as “massage”. You will invariably receive a very relaxing oil applications including head, face, neck shoulder and then depending on your requirements you will also get other oil treatments – leg or feet or back oil applications and formentation with herbal bundles etc. You will also get a herbal bath or steam bath. The Doctor may also recommend special treatments such as Shirodhara , patthu (pastes applied on painful areas if any) etc. 

The treatments will also include herbal medicine to drink – Kashaya, herbal pills and powders.  

For the convenience of our guests and to give you an idea of what we can do for you we have categorized the treatment in to Curative – if you have any ailment and preventive and Rejuvenation – if you don’t have any specific ailment and want to enhance your well being. 

Any way you will have a medical consultation first so if you are unsure the best thing is to have the consultation first. 

So if you like you can have only the consultation first and then see how to proceed. The consultation costs Rs 2500.00 

For subsequent consultation and treatment treatments till March 2020 the rate will be Rs. 5,500 (normal rate Rs. 7,000/) The subsequent consultations will be shorter hence the program will be about 1.5 hours rather than 2 hours. 

Introductory rate till March 2020 is Rs. 7,000 for the first session including consultation and treatment (Normal price Rs 9000/) Typically 2 hours depending on the treatment recommended by the doctor.

From Wednesday to Sunday from 9 to 6.30 pm. (Last consultation at 5 pm)

Getting your appointment slot in advance is recommended. 

Ayurveda is the oldest medical science in the world and has a holistic approach to

well-being. It treats each human being as a unique entity and the treatment is individual to each person. It seeks to balance the energies within the person through herbal medicines and treatments. Ayurveda is not a quick fix but a holistic approach to prevent and cure diseases to experience optimal health and wellbeing.

Celebrating 50 years of fine hospitality and fine hospitality and wholesome healing, Barberyn establishes its presence in the city within the beautifully designed healing spaces of Prana Lounge.

Barberyn is known locally and internationally for pioneering the resort concept of Ayurveda in 1984 and achieving a perfect balance in hospitality and Ayurveda.

It owns and operates three Ayurveda Resorts – Barberyn Reef in Beruwala, Barberyn Sands in Bentota and Barberyn Beach in Weligama. Barberyn engages in all aspects of Ayurveda – Research and Development, Organic cultivation, medicine making and conducting community clinics. The extensive Ayurveda Medical Centres Have a combined strength of over thirty Ayurveda physicians drawn from different traditions and training.

It brings to its urbane Ayurveda Medical Centre at Prana lounge 50 years of fine hospitality and wholesome healing.


Ayuwanna provides Authentic Ayurveda treatments for curative, prevention and rejuvenation. All treatments are based on diagnosis by the physician according to each individual’s body composition. 

  1. a) Preventative approach – Maintain and enhance health and rejuvenate
  2. b) Curative approach- treat illnesses that have already arisen.
  3. c) Ayurveda treatment is accordance with the individual treatment plan developed by the Ayurveda Physician in consultation with you. 

The treatments will include Kashaya, herbal pills and powders, Arishta, oil applications and special treatments such as shirodhara, patthu (pastes applied on painful areas), steam and herbal baths

Yes, but it depends on the nature of the injury and the type of treatment. Lots of treatments are to soothe injuries and aid rehabilitation. If you need guidance please contact us or speak to the therapist in person when in doubt.

The majority of treatments are suitable from the 12th week of pregnancy onward, however not all of our therapists offer pregnancy treatments. Please contact our team leader for recommendations.

We have a 24-hour cancellation policy for all treatments. We appreciate that cancellation circumstances are sometimes unavoidable. We sincerely hope that you understand the necessity for us to take a 50% payment for any treatments not cancelled within 24 hours and 100% for cancellations 4hours or less prior the appointment, simply because the therapists time has been booked and we must honor their time. An option is to try and find someone you know who could replace you for the treatment.

Most of our treatments do not require a shower afterwards but it may be advisable to let your therapist know if you do not want oil in your hair. Some of the oils used by therapists have therapeutic properties and it is best to leave them on the skin for a while. Some of our treatments use more oil than others and may require a shower afterwards. We will be sure to advise you accordingly.

Our session lengths differ depending on the treatment. They can range from 20 minutes to 120 minutes. Different treatment lengths will also be charged at different prices.

To ensure you get the most out of the session, some treatments do require you to partially undress. These treatments include: the majority of massages, physiotherapy, reflexology, acupuncture and facials. All therapists are very professional and are mindful of clients’ privacy at all times.

There’s no need to bring anything to your treatment — just yourself!

This differs depending on the type of treatment you are having, or whether it’s your first appointment, a one-off or a follow up. Generally a treatment session comprises of a short consultation, client preparation time, hands-on time and post-treatment recommendations.

We advise that you arrive 10 – 15 minutes before your appointment to allow yourself time to check-in at reception and pay for your treatment.

Explore our wide selection of Prana Lounge treatments and the detailed information for each one. If you need further advice please contact us or pay us a visit to talk with our desk team or the therapist directly.

Treatments booked over the phone and in person are paid for at the centre on arrival. All payments for services are accepted by Prana Lounge on behalf of the therapists. We accept cash and card payments with the exception of AMEX.

Prices of treatments vary depending on the length of the appointment, the therapist and treatment type. Prices are listed alongside the individual treatments online.

Generally treatments should be booked in advance. For advance bookings you can book in person, by e-mail or over the phone. Treatments are available 7 days a week, to fit even the busiest schedules!

Sometimes there are appointments available on the day, so if you are visiting us for something else you can always ask the front of house team for the therapists practicing that day and their availability.

Explore our wide selection of treatments and the detailed information for each one. If you need further advice please contact us or pay us a visit to talk with our desk team.