Is Ayuwanna a spa? What can I receive if I come? Can I come for a massage?

We are an authentic Ayurveda medical centre and all treatments are based on physician’s recommendation based on individual body composition. 

Ayurveda treatment invariably includes oil applications – which is what has been adapted and is commonly referred to as “massage”. You will invariably receive a very relaxing oil applications including head, face, neck shoulder and then depending on your requirements you will also get other oil treatments – leg or feet or back oil applications and formentation with herbal bundles etc. You will also get a herbal bath or steam bath. The Doctor may also recommend special treatments such as Shirodhara , patthu (pastes applied on painful areas if any) etc. 

The treatments will also include herbal medicine to drink – Kashaya, herbal pills and powders.  

For the convenience of our guests and to give you an idea of what we can do for you we have categorized the treatment in to Curative – if you have any ailment and preventive and Rejuvenation – if you don’t have any specific ailment and want to enhance your well being. 

Any way you will have a medical consultation first so if you are unsure the best thing is to have the consultation first. 

So if you like you can have only the consultation first and then see how to proceed. The consultation costs Rs 2500.00