What are the Prevention and enhancement packages offered by Ayuwanna? (Treatment programs to give you an idea)

Light Detox Programme – 3 days 2 hours Ayurveda treatment each day, oral medicine

(optional) and Lunch or evening tea. Programmme includes

– Initial Ayurveda Consultation and subsequent consultations

– Simple herbal decoction (kashaya) 

– Herbal oil application/ massage as required Herbal bath or steam bath 

– Lunch or evening tea.


Deep Detox Programme – 7 days 2 hours treatment each day, oral medicine, and lunch or

evening tea.

– Initial consultation and treatment plan

– First five days – oral medicine (Kashaya, herbal decoction, Herbal pills and powders, Arishta – sweet elixrs)- Purvakarma – preparing for the main purification – oil application (massages) massage with herbal bundles etc. to collect the toxins in one place, herbal baths and steam baths- Pancha Karma (Purgation to expel the

toxins) ) – Lunch or evening meal – Diet according to Physicians guidance- advice on healthy life style 


Rejuvenation After the Deep detox – further treatment for 3 days, 5 days or 7 days with Ayurveda therapies and rejuvenation medicine 


Vitality for Fertility – 3 weeks to 8 weeks

– Initial Consultation and treatment plan

– Oral medicine – Kashaya, herbal pills and powders, Arishta

– Detox programme- Oil Vasti treatment 

-External Ayurveda therapies – spread out during theperiod. 

– oil applications (massage) powder massage, Herbal and steam baths, Shirodhara,

Nasya treatment etc.

– Diet and life style advice 


Stress Relief /back, neck and shoulder ache (3 days, 5 days and 7 days (consecutive days or staggered) 

– Initial consultation and treatment plan

– Oral medicine 

– Kashaya etc. (optional) 

-Back, neck and shoulder massage- Fomentation- Steam baths and herbal baths- Yoga – breathing exercise / Yoga


Face/Body Glow – enhance the beauty that comes from within- 5 days

– Initial Consultations and treatment plan- Further consultations

– Kashaya and Arishta herbal pills and powders


– Mild Detoxification External treatment includes Face packs, body wraps, oil applications (massage), herbal baths /steam baths powder massage etc.

– Lunch or evening tea- Diet advice