Vision & Mission

Prana Lounge maintains the belief that we should be the change that we wish to see in the world. Our goal is to create intentional spaces that help people realise their potential and raise their own personal bliss. By encouraging change from within, we hope our oasis of peace will provide a profound connection to personal and planetary wellbeing.

Our team and culture is a reflection of these intentions. All our staff either teach or practice a form of personal development. We offer an immersive schedule of diverse yoga traditions and styles, complimented by workshops, treatments and discussions with the most innovative practitioners in their fields.

At Prana Lounge, we respect the origins of healing practices, but we understand that healing is an evolving concept. Therefore, we do not believe in conventional hierarchies and structures. Instead, we foster a freedom of expression, and an encouragement to create a new way of experiencing the world. We invite all beings into our living, breathing space.